Yitzhak Goldfidan

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ירושלים 9, בני ברק

About Us

Since time immemorial, Jerusalem has been the focal point of the world and the center for all religions. This holds especially true for the Jewish world.

For this reason, throughout the years, organizations, groups and private individuals from all over the world, especially Jews, have chosen to invest in Jerusalem. Whether for reasons of sentiment or from a business-economic perspective, Jerusalem was always deemed a successful investment venture.

A certain percentage of property owners have no interest in renting out their apartments. Others look forward to leasing their homes in return for a considerable profit, yet geographic distance, language barriers and cultural differences prevent them from converting this opportunity into reality.

Gil Property Management, a dynamic and experienced property management company, is here to help you, the homeowner, realize that potential.
We invite you to make use of our services with one of two programs specifically established in response to your needs.