Eventually Israel

Leah Benscher

About Me

Hi, I am just like you!

I wanted what you want and I had a budget. I lived in Venezuela and in the United States, but I always dreamed of Israel. I decided that our family would at least make an effort to celebrate our happy milestones in Israel. It started with significant birthdays and moved on to Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s and special events. I’ve done it all both for my family and countless friends.

It’s been a true honor and inspiration to share the beauty and bounty of this awesome land with so many people and to do it amid happiness and celebration.

I now live in Israel. I am fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish, very detail oriented and a master negotiator. These skills allow me to provide your Event with all the necessary elements for a successful, organized and joyous occasion while you take the back seat and enjoy the results.

As with my own family’s events, my emphasis is on providing a wonderful experience and everlasting memories without breaking the bank. Israel can “afford” you great, creative and original events within your budget, you just need… my help.

So don’t be shy, give me a call for a complimentary consultation, tell me your dream, tell me your budget and let’s make it happen!

Lehitraot in Israel!